[Root fixed] Those who have problems with IMEI installed with custom ROMs

While installing many custom ROMs, we have a fixed iMi account that is lost in it.

But its solution is not easily available, the type of network does not work properly, then you feel that your network gets low speed up and down and even in the time of writing in the Bellet IMA

But through the tutorial I give you today, you can set up your iMi account again and see if your phone has a better performance.

Whatever you need to do it

1: First of all you download this file and place it on your SD card or memory card

2: Then follow the following methods

1: Mobile Uncle Tools opens

Click the red spots below and follow the steps

Now turn your phone off and see your account is in progress

If you don’t understand the whole thing, then I gave you a link to a video.

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