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How to Improve Your Memory Natural Ways

About How to Improve Your Memory. Student Even after reading so much the night before the exam, I do not remember anything. Completely disappeared from the head! Why did that happen? Is your brain less than capable? According to one of the study, the brain can hold petabytes of data. So Petabyte terabytes,1terabyte = 120 gigabytes. Now, If a hard disk of a computer is 5terabytes or 120 GB, or then 2.5petabytes 20computers are equal to the capacity of the hard disk space. So each of us has the ability to hold the same data on a hard disk of 25 computers in Brain. Now maybe we are wondering if our brain has such a capacity, why can’t we remember? Okay, that might be due to the memory loss.

How does the brain work?

For many years, scientists have been researching how the brain works. And after some years of research. Things have Some become clearer. There is a small area called the campus. At just a few centimeters, this part of the brain is deeply involved. This section works for learning and remembering something new. Researchers at the University of Leicester said new. And is stored exclusively in components. Of the hippo, is folded to the out of doors of the mind.

It is larger than the hippo and functions numerous. The movements of the body’s organs are controlled by it. The brain cortex conducts a variety of processes for certain emotions, such as what we feel while watching them standing under the open sky at night. Cortex works to get to know an old friend, listen to bird calls, and get a feel for the south wind. Such experiences accumulate in the brain.

Many such experiences and feelings spread around the cortex. Many such experiences and feelings spread around the cortex. When thinking of something old, the brain only looks for information from this part. because Neurologist George Busk wrote in the book Rhythms of the Brain, published in 28, that the cortex is a large brain, and the campus is a librarian there.

How to Improve Your Memory
How to Improve Your Memory

Reasons to forget the memory

We know how to increase our memory we need to know
How to increase our memory we need to know the reasons for our loss of memory:
2. Sleep habits weaken memory.
2. Depression or depression.
2. Eat extra sweet.
2. Unhealthy eating,
2. Loneliness
2. High blood pressure,
2. Alcohol etc.

Ways How to Improve Your Memory.
So Scientists have long sought to find ways to increase memory. Also found some methods. Let’s see what those methods are:

Because the call of any notion in the thoughts is meditation. It no longer most effective awakens the thoughts, but it also blessings the frame. But We realize that thoughts are one of the sources of the physical strength of man. So whilst the mind is calm, the person can use his brain to the maximum. And meditation is the maximum a success technique of fixing the thoughts.

diverse research has shown that meditation helps to increase reminiscence and attention. If this is something you cannot remember, then meditation will help you get out of that scenario. Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple agency, often practices meditation. So He went to India looking for non-secular existence and from there he began working towards meditation. So through meditation, Jobs learned to drive his personal mental thoughts through a particular technique which performs a key role in converting his life-style.

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