kinemaster Mood V3 for those who do not support the video layer and chorma key

Friends Many of us make videos for mobile or mobile videos for a presentation, but while editing, our mobile phone has many problem due to lack of RAM, For


1, the video layer is not supported.

2 does not support chorma key.

4, and can not be exported at 540p resolution while saving to the video gallery Today I have come up with a solution to all the problems of Kinemaster. kinemaster mod v3

1, convert a video to 360p and then edit.

Using this app allows you to use all the 1 GB Ram and kinemaster tools.
For example: layer
2.chorma key
80.1080p export
4.1080p import. Etc.

Dawonload <<<

This software is very popular and even very expensive paid Play Store

But you can take it from here and what good quality

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