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Some simple ways stay healthy

Some simple ways stay healthy. None of us wants to get sick. Because sickness means trouble and cost, Not only does it make you feel bad when you get sick, but it also makes one unable to go to work or school, make money or look after the family. So In addition, another person is needed to look after that person, and he may have to spend a lot of money to buy expensive medicines or get treatment.

Some simple ways to stay healthy
Some simple ways to stay

As one well-known proverb says, It is good to be cautious before danger comes. Of course, some diseases cannot be avoided. However, there are many things you can do to prevent illness or prevent illness. Consider five things that will help you to stay healthy. Some simple ways stay.

1. Adhere to good hygiene:

healthy teeth and body

According to the Mayo Clinic, hand washing is the best way to prevent illness and infection. The main reason for headaches is rubbing the nose or eyes when there are germs within the hand. The best way to protect yourself from this type the germ is to wash your hands regularly. Adherence to good hygiene also avoids the transmission of various deadly diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea. More than two million children, all under the age of five, die of such diseases every year. Developing not unusual practices, such as hand washing, can even reduce the rate of fatal Ebola virus infection.

This Time Using the toilet.

Hand washing is especially important at certain times, so you can keep yourself and others healthy. Basically you should wash your hands during these times.
After changing your baby diaper or toilet, Clean the wound or cut area before and after applying for the medicine. So Before and after seeing a sick person. And Before preparing food, serving it eating it. After sneezing, coughing and sneezing. After laying hands on an animal or cleaning their urine. And After cleaning the garbage.

And do not take the matter of proper handwashing lightly. Research has shown that most people who use public toilets do not wash their hands after washing or washing them properly. How should I wash my hands?

Soak your hands under soapy water and apply soap.

Make a foam with two-hand rubs as well as clean the nails, the toes, the back of the hand and the middle of the finger.

Rub your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Wash hands under clear water.
Wipe hands with a clean towel.

Although these things are very common, they are very effective in preventing illness and saving lives.

2. Some simple ways stay healthy Use pure water:

water and a few slices of lemon.

In some countries, providing pure water for families is a daily necessity. However, access to pure water anywhere in the world can be difficult, when the of water is contaminated, by floods, storms, pipes, or other causes. The water source is not safe, and water is not stored, it can cause pathogens as well as cause cholera, lethal diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases. According to one statistics, about 100 million people suffer from diarrhea every year, and one of the main reasons is drinking contaminated water.

There are many things you can do to prevent illness easily or prevent. In most cases, cholera is caused by eating water and food contaminated by the sick person’s stool. What steps can you take to protect yourself from this and other water pollution, even if it is just after a disaster?

Keep in mind that drinking water comes from a safe source for brushing teeth, making ice cubes, washing dishes and utensils, or cooking water, That source could be well-purified water supplied by the public or sealed bottles provided by a reliable company.

If the water in the pipe is likely to become contaminated, boil it before using it or purify it using appropriate chemicals.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions well when using different chemicals, such as chlorine or water filter tablets.

Use a quality water filter, if it is readily available and can afford to buy.

Even if water purifying chemicals are not available, use a home-based bleach, mix two drops in 1 liter of water (eight drops in 1-gallon water) for 5 minutes, and then use.

Always cover the purified water in a clean container, so that it does not become contaminated again.

Make sure the drainage container is clean.

Use a pot of water with a clean hand and do not dip your hand and finger into the water when boiling.

4. Take care of the food :
Food variety and a healthy diet.

Without nutrition, good health is not possible. A balanced diet is needed to achieve nutrition. Your diet should include salt, fat, and sugary foods, but be sure not to overdo it. The list should also include fruits and vegetables and variations in food. When buying bread, cereals, look at the list of ingredients on the packet, so that you can choose whipped foods. They contain a lot of nutrients and fiber in contrast to foods made from whey-laden cereals. Eat small and low-fat meats to get protein and try to eat fish at least a few times a week. In some countries, protein-rich foods are available from plants.

If you eat too many sugar-wealthy ingredients and high-fat meals, you are susceptible to gaining additional weight. To lessen this threat, eat lots of sugars, in preference to ingesting water. So Consume fruits in place of sugary-country Eat meals that have a lot of fat, along with sausage, meat, butter, desserts, cheese, and cookies. And in preference to using butter or ghee for cooking, use healthier oils.

If you have foods in your diet that contain excess salt or sodium, they can increase your blood pressure significantly. If you have this problem, check out the list of ingredients for packaged foods to reduce sodium levels. Use different leaves or spices instead of salt to enhance the taste.

As important as what you eat.

how much you eat is also critical. Therefore, if you are hungry while eating, do not eat.  Some simple ways stay healthy.

Food poisoning is also intimately involved with nutrition. Any food can have your food poisoning if it is not well-prepared and stored. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, millions of people get sick every year because of such foods. Although many are able to withstand the lasting effects of these diseases, some lose their lives. What can you do to minimize this risk?

Vegetables may contain fertilizers, so wash them thoroughly before using them.

Before making each meal, wash your hands, cutting boards, cutting tools, utensils and kitchen floor with warm water and soap.

The food should not be contaminated again, so never put food in a location or container where raw eggs, fish were kept. Before using any such place or vessel, wash it. Cook, food until it reaches the right temperature, and refrigerates it immediately after eating any foods that can without difficulty be waste.

If the room temperature is above 12 degrees Celsius, then if there are more than one or two hours of easily wasted food, discard it.

4. Work hard and Some simple ways stay:

Regardless of your age, physical activity is essential to staying healthy. People do not exercise enough nowadays. Why is it important to exercise, Working hard will help you to:
Sleep well.
Stay active Can build strong bones and strong muscles.
You can adjust the weight or bring the proper.
Depression can reduce the risk of disease.
Can reduce the risk of premature death.

If you are not working hard, you may be at risk for:
Heart disease
Type 2 diabetes.
High blood pressure
High cholesterol.

Depending on your age and health, it’s far sensible to seek advice from a doctor before starting any new exercises, relying on the sort you pick out. According to diverse experts, young youngsters and adolescents must exercise at least 5 minutes an afternoon, beginning from mild to heavy. Should for 5mines, every week or five mines for heavy exercise. so Some simple ways stay healthy

Pick the stuff you enjoy doing. You would possibly do this stuff, together with playing basketball, tennis, and football, strolling difficult, biking, or gardening, reducing timber, swimming, boating, walking or different aerobics. You can determine which is the lightest exercise or the workout, you’ll be sweating at some stage in the mild, workout but you could now not have the ability, Speak doing

5 Enough sleep time
Comfortable one bedroom

How much sleep you need depends on the individual. Most newborns sleep for 3 to 5 hours a day; Children aged 3-5 years sleep for about 4 hours and children aged 3-5 years sleep about 5 or 12 hours. Boys and girls who attend school for at least 4 hours, Adolescents need about 4 or 6 hours of sleep and adults need 3 to 5 hours of sleep.
There is no alternative to getting enough rest. According to experts, adequate sleep is needed for these reasons:
Growth and development of young children and adolescents.
Knowing new information and remembering it.
Maintaining the right balance of hormones, which affects metabolism and weight.

Keep the heart good.

Increase immune system capacity.
Not getting enough sleep can lead to obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, and various accidents. Certainty, we have a good reason for such things to provide sufficient rest.
So what can you do if you realize that you are not getting enough sleep?
Try to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time.
Your bedroom should be serene, So dark and comfortable, and the room temperature should not be too high or too low.
Do not lie in bed and watch television or use electronic gadgets.
Make your bed as comfortable as possible.
Don’t eat heavy foods, caffeinated foods or alcoholic beverages before going to bed.
If you still experience insomnia or have other sleep problems, such as getting extra sleep during the day or having trouble breathing while sleeping, apply these suggestions.


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