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Windows 10 ISO Download 32-64Bit [Latest 2020]

If you want to download Windows 10 ISO Image then you are in a great place in this guide I will show you the best way to Get Windows 10. I will also tell you some methods which can be used to burn that ISO image in your USB Drive. Instead of this, I will also teach you how you can activate Windows 10 right after the installation.

Windows 10 ISO Download

If you already used it before, then you be aware that the ISO image is a file that contains the data which you can burn in USB Drive or the DVD/CD drives. After you burn them you can then install that software (or Windows) by the plugging USB on your computer or laptop. The best thing why everyone has an ISO image is that it never affect by the Virus and also it saves your money (you don’t need to purchase the CD from store)


In today’s guide, I will tell you the best way to download Windows 10 ISO image file. Instead of this, I will share with you some most useful tools which can be helpful to burn the ISO file into USB Drive. Read this article completely so that you don’t miss any step otherwise you will make a mistake that may harm your computer or personnel file.

Virtual Desktops

Unless you have a multi-monitor setup it can be easy to run out of screen space. For that reason, Windows 10 provides multiple desktops that you can work in and quickly switch between. The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View” and is located on the Taskbar. To add a new desktop, all you need to do is click the Plus sign. You create multiple desktops, and switching between them is just a matter of clicking the Task View button again and moving your mouse over the thumbnail of the one you want. Once the workspace is displayed above, click on it (or click the Task View button again) to start using it.

New Start Menu

Microsoft has brought back the Start Menu. Now, when you click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, you get two panels side by side, with the left column showing pinned, recently and most-used apps.

You also get a power button at the top for options such as Hibernate, Standby and Shutdown, while the right column features a selection of live tiles that you can customize, resize and reorganize. Plus, you can have the Start Menu expand to full screen whenever you want, eliminating the need for a Modern UI Start Screen.

Unified Settings

So after the Windows 10 update, Microsoft has removed those two applications to access the settings. The settings of your computer and the Control panel are now compiled together so that you can access them in one place without opening separate applications.

Cortana Integration

Windows 10 will bring Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana to desktop computers, to make it easier for you to interact with your device without lifting a finger. You will be able to search your hard drive for specific files, pull up photos from specific dates, or launch PowerPoint presentations just by telling your PC to do so. You can even get Cortana to send an email while you’re working on a spreadsheet, making multi-tasking much easier.

Xbox App
So do you love playing games? Then let me introduce you with this amazing Xbox application which allows you to play the Xbox Games right on your Computer. Microsoft has enabled Direct X 10 in it and improved the graphics quality and the performance so that you enjoy the real-time experience. Even though it has the Xbox DVR feature which allows you to record the 30 seconds of gameplay. In this case, you will never miss the unexpected win in your game and can show it to your friends. You can also take the screenshot from Xbox DVR directly so say no more to those third-party applications.

Start Menu
I hope you are also like me who doesn’t like that creepy Windows 8 Start Menu. If yes then here is the good news for you, Microsoft has just replaced that full-screen Start Menu with the new Style. When you open the start menu you will find out the recently installed applications in the recent menu. You can also add the Quick Launch applications which can be founded right side. In the left side menu, you can add the quick actions to access them instantly, these include Settings, My Computer, My Documents and so on.

Now You’re Downloading Windows 10 2020

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